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Marco Polo Cup


Cruise in the Med







Christening Fiu - Jun 2003


Christening Ceremony,  Punat, Jun 2003

After a month of running around, looking for sponsors, equipment, installing instruments, etc. Ivo finally made appointment with the Punat's priest Zec Anton to christen Fiu. The same day, Ivo’s school mate, Nada Kirinčić, presently headmaster of  the Punat’s primary school, selected a group of 25 kids and invited them to join the christening ceremony. The ceremony attended many family members and friends with Jelena being a godmother. Priest gave a short talk, sang with kids, blessed Fiu, Jelena successfully crashed the champagne without damaging Fiu and of we went sailing for few hours. That day there was more than 30 people on board - the largest number ever! But, we were in safe hands, priest was with us and the harbor master closed one eye!


Priest Anton Zec is singing with the school kids

Priest Anton Zec

Jelena is christening Fiu with a champagne

Ivo and Jelena

Mirjana, Ivo, Jelena and Nick

Jelena, mama, Ivo, Mirjana and Nick

School kids on Fiu

School kids and friends on Fiu

Nick is talking to girls



April 2003 - Delivery trip - from Ravenna to Punat accross the Adriatic Sea


May 2003 - our first sailing trip to Kornati and back!


May 2003 - Instalation of instruments in Marina Punat


Jun 2003 -  Christening ceremony


Jun 2003 - Mirjana and Ivo from Primošten to Punat


July 2003 - Another trip to Dalmatia - from Punat to Vis and Hvar