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Fiu Atlantic Crossing, 23.11.-13.12.2003

Please enjoy this amusing short story, located somewhere between fiction and reality: 'Sailing Across The Atlantic' by James.

0100-P1010050 0103-las palmas7 011-ARCopening21 0111-fruits4 0200-departure32

The ARC, Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, started on 23.11.03 at 13:00 UTC

Skipper Ivo loading one of two bunches of banana

Paul and Luigi cleaning the fruits and vegetable

Last minute preparation on the starting day

0201departure2 0202-departure16 0203-departure43 0204-departure44 022-departure19

A huge crowed is greeting the fleet at the start line

Ivo, after we successfully crossed the starting line

Ben enjoying the view



0250-departure7 0270-reflections23 0280-departure21 0300cockpit10 0301-cockpit39

Just hours after the start we were already becalmed, ironically in front of dozens of wind generators

Sunset with the fleet around us. How many will still be around us tomorrow morning?

Paul in command

Susan at the helm

0320-cockpit31 0330cockpit30 0340-cockpit5 0350-cockpit8 0400-climbing mast1





0420-cockpit17 0430-cockpit2 0440-cockpit41 0450-cockpit48 0480-DSCN0603

3.12., Happy Birthday Luigi!

Shaving with a View

0481-close encounter 0500-enertainment1 0510-enertainment4 0520-enertainment5 0530-enertainment8

Close encounter at high sees with a fishing vessel

Eyes glued to the screen, the boys are watching DVD.

I can cheat better then you!

Ivo in his 'office', his favourite spot on Fiu.