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Fiu in Adriatic




FIU is back on track and will be sailing again under the wing of the oldest and the most respectable sailing school in the Adriatic - The Adriatic Nautical Academy, ANA!

The Route plan for 2007 is given in the table below.

         August-Sept - cruising in Greece


         Oct. - Nov. - those who like a real challenging winter sailing in the Med should join Fiu on her way from Athens to Sicily, Corsica, Gibraltar, Madeira and Las Palmas, Grand Canary!

         25 Nov. 2007 - Crossing the Atlantic jointly with the biggest ocean  rally, the famous Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, ARC 2007!

         Mid. Dec. 2007 till May 2008 - Sailing holiday with your family or friends in Caribbean's turquoise waters?

Interested? Send an e-mail now to fiu-sailing(at)excite.com for booking and more details or simply contact your nearest AGENT.



Route Plan for 2007




Voyage type



Crew Positions Available

28 Oct.- 15 Nov. Cruising from Athens to Gibraltar, via Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica 15 Offshore cruising, training, 1100 Nm 1000 2
15 Nov - 22 Nov. Gibraltar, Madeira, Las Palmas, Grand Canary 7 Offshore cruising, training, 700 Nm 500
25 Nov. - 15 Dec. Crossing the Atlantic ocean jointly with  ARC 2007, Las Palmas to St. Lucia 20 ocean crossing and training, 2800 Nm 2000
Mid. Dec. 07 - May 08 Cruising in Caribbean, base in St Vincent 2 weeks coastal cruising and training 500 /week
May Possible return trip to Adriatic ??


The Cost

Adriatic Nautical Academy ANA is running Fiu as an adventure offshore sailing as well as an offshore Sailing School. Students/crew are expected to contribute to the cost. The contribution is between Eu 50 and Eu 80 per day/person depending on the route and duration of your sailing on FIU - for details and booking please check the table above or contact your nearest Agent.


What is included

Boarding and training. The cost of all meals is shared between all members of the crew. Crew is expected to make their own flight-transport arrangements - travelling insurance recommended. For more details please read Frequently Asked Questions.


To book a crew position on FIU please contact your nearest Agent or send an e-mail directly to fiu-sailing(at)excite.com.


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