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Fiu in Adriatic


Fiu Odyssey

Skippering a yacht is one of the most satisfactory recreation known. For many of us, it grows into more than a mere pastime, with our jobs becoming only the means to finance our boating lives.

Tom Cunliffe, The Complete Yachtmaster


Fiu Odyssey 2003-04 - in early September 2003  Fiu started her maiden voyage from the Adriatic. Along the way we visited Canary Islands, Caribbean, entered Pacific via Panama canal and sailed to Galapagos, French Polynesia, Samoa, Fiji, New Caledonia. We met sailors and people of all walks of life, swam and snorkeled in crystal clear water and secluded beaches of dream tropical islands and just cruised...

Fiu Odyssey 2003-2004 route from Mediterranean to Australia

We spent Australian summer in Sydney getting ready for new sailing adventures.

Fiu Odyssey 2005 - after spending few months in Australia, taking part in the renown Sydney to Hobart Race and lots of coastal cruising with family and friends we sailed to New Zealand (Mar-Apr 05), Tonga (May), Fiji (June), Vanuatu (July), Great Barrier Reef, Australia in August. We crossed Indian Ocean in September and after successfully sailing through pirate infested Gulf of Aden we entered Red Sea and via Suez canal returned to Adriatic ...more.

For details check the Route Plan for 2005.


What it is all about? Besides being great adventure and fun, this is an ideal opportunity to boost your offshore sea-miles. Those with a little offshore sailing experience will have a chance to learn from masters. But don't worry, there will be no formal classes and exam papers! We'll learn as we go, on the fly, from the basic reefing, trimming, knots, night sailing to celestial navigation (for those interested). Students/crew are expected to take part in all duties; watches, cooking, doing dishes, troubleshooting, fishing, reading,.. and just having fun..

Come and join us in exploring natural treasures of South Pacific's islands!  


The Yacht FIU - You'll be sailing on board of a modern yacht Grand Soleil 46.3 which is built in Italy in 2003. Grand Soleil are renowned Italian yachts with the impressive racing pedigree but at the same time offering an impeccable cruising comfort ... more.

Why the name Fiu? Fiu is a Tahitian word that translated loosely means 'time for a change' ! This statement in many ways reflects Ivo's current state of mind - a need to quit scientific carrier and chase some other dreams. Life is short and unlike in computer games, we got only one chance!!  

To view photos and read log of our previous cruises check these links: Odyssey 2003 or Odyssey 2004.


The Crew - So far the crew was an interesting bunch of guys and girls of mixed nationalities, sailing experience, age, .. We were not bored for a minute! The 'profiles' of the crew is listed on the Crew pages. The 'official' languages on board of  Fiu  (so far!) was English (and sometime Croatian, Swiss, German, Italian, ..).


The Cost
Fiu Sailing Adventure is run as an Adventure sailing trip  as well as a Sailing School. Students/crew are expected to contribute to the cost. The contribution is between $ 40 and $60 per day/person. It will vary depending on destinations/leg (route), your experience and the length of your stay.

Brochures and Forms
For further details contact us by sending an e-mail to Ivo . Alternatively contact one of our Agents.



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