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Fiu in Adriatic



To book a crew position on Fiu Sailing Adventure trip from Caribbean to Australia please contact your nearest Agent or send an e-mail directly to Ivo. 


Route Plan for 2004




Voyage type



Crew Positions Available

1 - 15 May

Antigua to St Lucia

14 Island cruising 2500 3
15 - 29 May St Lucia to Isla del Margarita 14 Island cruising 2500 3
29 May - 12 Jun I. del Margarita to Neth. Antilles 14 Island cruising 2500 3
12 - 26 Jun Aruba to San Blass and Panama 14 Combination 2500 3
26 Jun - 10 July Panama to Galapagos 14 Combination 2000 2
10-17 July Galapagos 7 Island cruising 1500 2
17 Jul - 7 Aug Galapagos to Marquessas 21 Offshore Sailing 2500 3
7 - 21 Aug Cruising Marquesas 14 Island cruising 2500 4
21 - 31 Aug Sailing to Tuamotu Archipelago 10 Offshore Sailing 1000 4
1 - 11 Sep Exploring Tuamotu Archipelago 11 Island cruising 2000 4
11-25 Sept Exploring Society Islands 14 Island cruising 2500 4
25 Sept - 16 Oct Soc. Isl. - Cook Isl. - Tonga 21 Combination 3500 4
16 -30 Oct Tonga 15 Island cruising 2500 4
30 - 7 Nov Tonga to New Zealand 7 Offshore Sailing 1000 4
7 - 25 Nov Exploring New Zealand 18 Coastal cruising 3500 4
25 Nov - 4 Dec New Zealand to Sydney 10 Offshore Sailing 1500 4
27 Nov - 24 Dec Preparations for Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race   Preparations and training    
25 - 31 Dec Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race Racing full
2 - 15 Jan 05 Cruising from Hobart to Sydney 14 Coastal cruising 2200 4



Detailed Route Plan for 2004


Ports of Call

Jan - Mar

Fiu is in a charter fleet of  Horizon Yacht Charters a small reputable Charter company

based in the Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola, British Virgin Islands



Fiu’s outhaul.


Sailing from Tortola to Antigua via St Martin, Tintamarre, St Bart, St Kitts & Nevis.

These islands between the British Virgin Islands and Antigua represent a fascinating mixture of the modern consumer world in the duty free zone of

St Martin and the old world quaintness of the towns on

St Kitts & Nevis.

At the same time Tintamarre, a tiny island just off St Martin provides peace and tranquillity and great diving opportunities in crystal clear waters.

St Barthelemy (St Barth) retains signs of its past Swedish influence, for example the name of its capital, Gustavia.  The island was sold by the French in 1784 to Sweden and bought back 1878). 


The final choice of which islands to visit will be taken jointly with the crew onboard at the time. Tortola, St Martin and Antigua in particular have good airport facilities for joining or leaving Fiu.


Fiu will most likely participate in the Antigua Sailing Week.



During the first week of May we will sail in the waters of Guadeloupe and Dominica. We will stop over in Anse Deshayes on the west coast of Guadeloupe, anchoring in front of the village.  Guadeloupe claim to have 180 different colours of sand on their island!  (http://en.webcaraibes.com)

And then of course the Iles Saintes situated 6 miles (10 km) from Guadeloupe. These islands have a peculiar history and in particular Terre-de-Haut stands apart from other places in Guadeloupe; since the island was too hilly and dry for sugar plantations, slavery never took hold. Consequently, the population is largely comprised of 'blue eyes' who still trace their roots to the early seafaring Norman and Breton colonists. Home to most of the island's residents, Bourg des Saintes is a picturesque village with a decidedly Norman accent.” [ http://www.lonelyplanet.com ]

It is also a spectacular experience to sail along the west coast of Dominica with the steep hill sides covered in rain forest with few signs of habitation.  Dominica is still home to the once fierce Carib Indians.



After Dominica we shall explore Martinique and St Lucia followed by the best part of the Caribbean, beautiful and lush islands and atolls of The Grenadines.


Sailing from St Lucia to the best part of the Caribbean, the beautiful and lush islands and atolls of the Grenadines :Bequia, Canouan, Petit St Vincent, Mayreau, Tobago Keys, Union Island, and then onwards to Grenada.




Cruising westward towards Netherlands Antilles (Bonaire, Curacao & Aruba) via the wonderful offshore Venezuelan islands Los Roques.


Aruba to the little known San Blas Islands, in Panama


The second half of June will be spent in the San Blas Islands and Cristobal, crossing Panama Canal and visiting Panama City for provisioning. Panama City has an international airport and there are daily connecting flights to Porvenir in San Blas.

The San Blas Islands are located off the Caribbean Coast of Panama. There are over 350 islands and islets, only 60 of which are inhabited. The San Blas Islands are known for the beauty of the white sand beaches, the crystal clear turquoise waters and the friendly inhabitants who live on the tiny islands dotted with palm trees and thatched-roof Kuna villages.  The Kuna Indians are one of the few pure races existing in the world, a people of great simplicity and charm, who conserve their traditions, beliefs, their myths and their Gods.

28-4 July

Panama Canal and Archipelago de las Perlas

Fiu will start her journey across the Pacific Ocean during the first week in July by going through the Panama Canal and with a brief stop-over in Las Perlas. The Archipelago de las Perlas lie about 38 Nm South of the Panama Canal in the Pacific Ocean. These islands with its uninhabited islands and untrodden shores make this a desirable cruising destination both for Panamians who come here during weekends and for yachts on their way to Galapagos. Some of the islands serve as giant rookeries for thousands of cormorans, frigates and pelicans.



Sailing from Panama to Galapagos islands.  After a few days in Las Perlas, Fiu will sail on to the Galapagos Islands. This crossing represents about 850 Nm or an average of 6 days offshore sailing, all depending on the weather conditions. 


Exploring Galapagos islands.  We will spend a week visiting this extraordinary place before continuing onward to the Marquesa Islands (Isles Marquises) in French Polynesia.

18-8 Aug

Sailing from Galapagos to Marquesa Islands, approximately 3000Nm or an average of 21 days offshore sailing.




Cruising Marquesa Islands.

Nuku-Hiva, Ua-Pou, Hiva-Oa, Tahuata, Fatu-Hiva.


After exploring Marquesa Islands for two weeks we shall continue westwards to Tuamotu Archipelago. This part of the journey will comprise approximately 3 days of sailing in order to reach these islands. Of the 76 islands the following have lagoons with sufficient draft for deep keel boats to enter and therefore represent the best anchorages for Fiu: Manihi, Ahe, Aratika, Kauehi, Raraka, Fakarava, Toau, Apataki, Rangiroa, Tikehau Rangiroa, Fakarava & Apataki are particularly worthwhile a visit. Before the age of modern day electronics this Archipelago were known to the early navigators as “the dangerous archipelago” because of the multitude of low lying atolls that are difficult to see without radar.



From Tuamotu Islands we will continue onward to the Society Islands which are also part of French Polynesia. During most of September we will explore as many of the islands and atolls as feasible (Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora and many others). The Society Islands have been named the most beautiful islands in the world. Join us to find out! By the end of September we will sail (3 to 4 days sailing) onwards to Cook Islands followed by the Kingdom of Tonga



Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is a self-governing dependency of New Zealand with its own parliament. Rarotonga, Suvarov & Penrhyn are the three of a total of 15 islands that offer safe anchorage for yachts.

Some of the other islands are worth visiting on a day tour from Rarotonga, in particular the exquisite Aitutaki Lagoon which offers pure escapism with uninhabited islands to visit and gorgeous beaches with tranquil lagoons. If weather permits Fiu will be able to anchor off some of these less accessible islands. http://cook-islands.com


Kingdom of Tonga    “Further north is Vava'u, the main tourist attraction. Here is one of the great sailing destinations in the world with a maze of deep water channels and tiny coral islands. It also offers the best place in the south pacific to watch humpback whales when they come to the calm protected waters to calve between June and October”. Official ports of entries are at Nuku'alofa (Tongatapu), Pangai on Lifuka Island (Ha'apai), Neiafu (Vava'u) and Falehau (Niuatoputapu). The international Fua'amotu Airport is on Tongatapu with internal connections to Eua, Lifuka Island in Haapai, and to Vavau, so it can be arranged for crew to join Fiu in Tonga. www.pacific-travel-guides.com/tonga-islands/  or http://tongaholiday.com/




We will head towards New Zealand before the cyclone season starts. It is a little over 800 Nm from Tonga to New Zealand. We'll briefly explore Northern Island and then head  towards the Lord How island. 

25-5 Dec

Cruising towards Sydney, Australia which will be our final destination for the Fiu Odyssey 2004.


Early Dec. we'll be arriving to Sydney just in time to prepare Fiu for the Sydney to Hobart race which starts on December 26. This year's Sydney to Hobart race is celebrating its 60th anniversary. It is expected to be a very big event with more then 150 sailing machines taking part. Although Fiu has currently more than 8 sails for this occasion Fiu will get few more sails required for offshore racing events (heavy weather spinnaker, storm trysail, etc.). Fiu is already fully booked for this event.  

Jan 05 to Feb 06

Once the S2H race is over, we shall spend few days exploring Hobart and surrounding and then slowly cruise back to Sydney. We are planning to cruise approximately 2 weeks along the beautiful Eastern side of Tasmania, Bass strait, Eden, Jarvis bay and back to Sydney.


During the first few months of the year 2005 several off-shore trips are planned to the Lord Howe island, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia, Great Barrier Reef - details to be announced later.


Fiu will most likely continue the Circumnavigation some time in Feb. 2006 - details will be announced later.  

The Cost

Fiu Sailing Adventure is run as an Adventure sailing trip  as well as a Sailing School. Students/crew are expected to contribute to the cost. The contribution is between Au$ 100 and Au$ 200 per day/person. The cost will vary depending on the destinations/leg (route) - for details please check the table on the top of this page.


What is included

Boarding and breakfast. The cost of all other meals is shared between all members of the crew. Crew is expected to make their own flight-transport arrangements. For more details please read Frequently Asked Questions.


To book a crew position on Fiu Sailing Adventure trip from Caribbean to Australia please contact your nearest Agent or send an e-mail directly to Ivo.


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