Fiu in Adriatic



Route Plan for 2005 - closing the Circle!

Watch this Space! This year we are planning to Close the Circle and sail all the way back to Punat, Adriatic where Fiu Odyssey started 2 years ago.

Our 2005 Itinerary in brief: Australia to New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, Great Barrier Reef, Darwin and across the Indian Ocean (Cocos, Chagos, Seychelles), Red Sea, Greece all the way to Punat in Adriatic as the final destination.


Join us for a couple of weeks in March/April combining sailing and walking in New Zealand?


Or spending Easter holidays discovering coves and fjords of New Zealand with your family?


Or bring the whole family for an easy sailing holiday in Tonga's or Fiji's turquoise waters?

Interested? Send an e-mail now to for booking  and more details or simply call Ivo on +61 (0) 403 802 707.


Route Plan for 2005



Voyage type

23 Feb - 2 March   

Sailing from Sydney to New Zealand via Lord Howe island. This is mainly offshore sailing suitable for experienced sailors keen to clock-up offshore miles.

Offshore Sailing  
2 - 31 Mar

Touring & sailing the area of Golden Bay and Marlborough Sounds - anchoring in famous Resolution and Endeavor Bay where Capt. James Cooks used to stop to spend months to repair and supply his ships.

Exploring South Island with campervan. A fantastic opportunity to explore New Zealand, suitable for anyone and ideal for families too. This month’s programme is structured to enable flexibility, variety whilst travelling in comfort.

Island cruising  
1 Apr - 7 May Cruising from Picton to Wellington and further north to Auckland and Bay of Islands. This is all coastal cruising, great for all levels of experience. This is where all Yachties congregate at the start of the South Pacific season, so long evenings swapping stories at onshore BBQ’s to be expected Island cruising  
7- 12 May New Zealand to Tonga. Preparations & offshore sailing. Great for those wishing to learn more about required preparations for offshore sailing. Preparations & Offshore sailing  
12 -22 May Tonga - The Vava’U & Ha’Apai groups. Mainly island hopping in one of the few remaining areas of the world that is relatively unexplored. Suitable for all levels of experience and ideal for those looking for a holiday in beautiful surroundings. Island cruising  
22 - 26 May Tonga to Fiji. Offshore sailing in beautiful trade-winds. An opportunity for those wishing to experience offshore sailing for the first time. Offshore Sailing  
27 May - 12 June Coastal cruising in Viti Levu, Vanua Levu & outlying island groups. These months will combine coastal cruising, island hopping and some overnight sailing. Suitable for all levels of experience. Meet Fiji’s traditional societies only accessible by boat whilst sailing in turquoise waters & surfing and diving on the reefs. Coastal cruising  
June/July Fiji to Vanuatu. Offshore sailing suitable for clocking up miles.

Vanuatu. Coastal sailing suitable for all levels of experience. Pure South Pacific adventure. Ideal for those looking for a really exotic holiday where we will meet the traditional societies of Vanuatu only accessible by boat. Great surfing, snorkelling and diving too.

Vanuatu to Great Barrier Reef (Holmes Reef, Cairns, and North along the Great Barrier Reef to Cooktown, Lizard Island, Salamander Reef, and through Torres strait.  Gulf of Carpenteria to Darwin. 

Offshore Sailing & Coastal cruising  
August Darwin to Cocos (Keeling) Island, Chagos Archipelago (Diego Garcia, Salomon Island.), Seychelles Island.(4000+ nmiles).   Offshore sailing
September Seychelles to Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, Suez Canal to Port Said (3000 nmiles) Offshore sailing  
October Port Said to Greek islands (Rhodos, Crete to Athens, Corinth Canal to Ionian Islands) and finally back to Adriatic (Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split, Zadar to Punat as the final destination). Coastal cruising & offshore cruising  
The Cost Fiu Sailing Adventure is run as an Adventure sailing trip  as well as a Sailing School. Students/crew are expected to contribute to the cost. The contribution is US$ 100 per day/person. However, a big discounts are available for long term cruising. Also the cost will vary depending on the destinations/leg (route) and the duration of cruise - for details please contact Ivo or your nearest agent.
What is included Boarding and breakfast. The cost of all other meals is shared between all members of the crew (additional 10 - 15 $/day). Crew is expected to make their own flight-transport arrangements. For more details please read Frequently Asked Questions.
Booking To book a crew position for any of the abovementioned legs please contact your nearest Agent or send an e-mail directly to Ivo:    or call GSM +61 (0) 403 802 707 
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