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Marco Polo Cup


Cruise in the Med






Fiu Atlantic Crossing, 23.11.-13.12.2003

0540-fishing1 0550-fishing18 0560-fishing23 0570-fishing32 0580-incineration4

Yummy, dinner has just arrived

Paul, filleting every fish in no time!

Paul, Head of the Fishing Department with the daily catch


We discovered bugs on Fiu and suspected them in our rubbish. The decision was made to burn it all.

0590-ivo and polly 0600-cockpit18-2 0650-P1010013 0660-P1010036 0680-reflections13

Ivo and Paul

Luckily it was warm enough to have a shower at any time of the day

Fiu, mid Atlantic, when our spinnaker halyard was tangled

What a happy crew!

...and so the days go by....

0682-DSCN0613 0683-dolphin2 0684-DSCN0581 0690-siesta10 0700-spinnaker

Sailing west

Dolphins swimming with us

Can you still see Gran Canaria?

Fixing the spinnaker

0710-spinnaker1 0800-kitchen rats3 0810-kitchen rats1 0810-kitchen rats9 0820-kitchen rats6

Fixing the spinnaker

Susan and Ivo baking bread

André preparing the dough for the brownies

Chef James, preparing another five star meal.

0840-kitchen rats8 0900-St-Lucia19 0920-St-Lucia13 0930-St-Lucia15 0940-St-Lucia44

With every time, Susan's bread was getting better and better!

From left to right:
Paul, André, Bojan, James, Ben, Susan, Luigi and Ivo

Yes, after 20 Days at sea we definitely deserved a drink!

Ivo and the welcoming committee in St. Lucia


Floating market in
St. Lucia