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Fiu in Adriatic


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Sailing plan for 2011-12 ... cruising, training and racing in Adriatic!

FIU is back to the Adriatic.

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FIU is Grand Soleil 46.3, a thoroughbred performance cruiser, a yacht with the pedigree!
She crossed all world oceans sailing effortlessly along the trade wind routes in the period 2003-2006. She is now fully refit, and again cruising and racing again in the Adriatic. For full specs and details check this link.


Fiu Odyssey 2003-2006

On 18th of November 2005, after more than two years of sailing across all world oceans and covering more than 40,000 miles we sailed back to Croatia and successfully completed circumnavigation. With this FIU Odyssey was officially closed! Coming back to Croatia was an exhilarating experience as we were welcomed by many people in every harbour we stopped along the way - Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split and of course Punat, the island of Krk, where a big welcome party was organised for us.

Since arrival to Croatia Ivo has given many presentations about FIU Odyssey in Punat, Krk, Rijeka and Zagreb, Ljubljana, NOvo Mesto, Banja Luka, itd. To read our log and view hundreds of photos from exotic islands visited during two years of circumnavigation follow this link or simply click on any of links below to go directly to your area of interest:

Mediterranean - Atlantic with ARC - Caribbean - Panama - French Polynesia - Samoa - Fiji - Australia - New Zealand - Tonga - Vanuatu - Great barrier Reef - Indian Ocean - Red Sea - and back to Adriatic


Articles about FIU Odyssey in Sailing Magazines

Ivo is publishing regularly in a Major Croatian sailing magazine 'More'. Read articles in Croatian in PDF or HTML or jpg format.

Fiu took part in Marco Polo Cup in Adriatic, Croatia in 2003. Read related articles and view photos from two weeks of sailing in paradise.


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Some of our fishing trophies:



Some of our fishing trophies - (reload page to repeat sequence)


Fiu running at full speed in Gulf of Aden:  to download a short movie click here (3.5 Mb): movies/Gulf of Aden.wmv


for more photos and log check FIU Photo album


* Fiu - Pronounced as Feew, a Polynesian word that describes a state of mind when one has had enough of a present state, when it is time for a change! It's a feeling that many of us experience but only few dare to practice!!  ... more.



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