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Major Business

Marine Electronics

Sale and installation of marine electronics

Director, Mr Darko Polonio did a great job with the acquisition of all the instruments installed on our yacht. Also, his advice during the installation was highly competent and much appreciated. 


Sales & Service Center, Marina "Punat", Puntica 5, 51521 Punat, Croatia, Ph: +385 51 855 586 , Fax: +385 51 855 587, Mobile: +385 98 343 684

Belcon - Raymarine

Raymarine Instruments Representative for Croatia
Staff of Belcon helped with the selection of Raymarine instruments. Navigational instruments on Fiu are part of the Raymarine ST60 series (wind, depth, speed, multi as well as the autopilot). For autopilot, the compact autopilot control head ST6001 was chosen together with the matching corepack computer that integrates signals from all Raymarine instruments into a common, intelligent platform. For reliability and endurance the most powerful Raymarine hydraulic linear drive was selected. For navigation, Raytec Navigator software was purchased as well, installed on the notebook PC and connected to the seatalk data cable via RS232 interface. The package works well with the Raymarine instruments and integrates all data available on the data buss into a common platform.  After making more than 43,000 Nm during the last thre years, all instruments performed well and worked seamlessly. 

BELCON - Raymarine Zastupstvo i Servis, Crnčićeva 5, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia
Phone: +385 51 645 400; Fax: +385 51 645 4001

Đino Motori

Yamaha outboard  engines and Dinghies Representative

When approached for the sponsorship, the director, Mr Đino Motori was highly understanding and forthcoming. We purchased Yamaha 5 HP outboard engine while a 3m Yamaha dinghy was generously donated. The engine worked seamlessly and even after two years of being fixed on the stern and bashed by many storms it is as reliable as the first day and it always starts without any problems.


Đino Motori d.o.o., Peščinica 8 , Jušiči, 51213 Jurdani - Croatia

Ph.: +385 (0)51 274-322, Fax: +385 (0)51 275-601, Email:

Marina Paint Service

Marine Services and Painting

Marina Punat, 51521 Punat, Croatia

Marina Paint Service

Marine Services and Painting

Marina Punat, 51521 Punat, Croatia

Marina Punat Marina Punat, 51521 Punat
Pharmacy Omisalj the owner of the Pharmacy Omisalj, Ing. Mis. Anatolija Gračan-Mućnjak donated two full boxes of various medicine ranging from aspirin to various antibiotics and antihistaminic .. many, many thanks, Ms Anatolija!
Konoba 'Ribice' Many thanks goes to the owner of the Konoba 'Ribice', Ms. Mirjana Zec (who happened to be my sister!) for her generous financial and moral support throughout all the preparations in Croatia.
Friends and relatives Without the moral and financial support of many friends and relatives this project would never be a success - names listed below are only the tip of the iceberg:

Family: Ivica i Zlatica, Zoran, Rajka, Vesna i Damir, braca Galovici, Branko .. 

Friends: Dragan, Marinko, Marijo, Pero, Milko J, Igor B., Jerko D., John KH,  .. and many, many more

Last but not least, my sincere appreciation goes to my wife Jagoda and sons Nick and Robin for their support, understanding and patience!