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Sailing on Volvo 60 racing machine

From Whitsunday's Islands to Sydney

 In September 2002, Ivo joined one week sailing trip on a real 'racing machine', an Australian Volvo 60 boat. The trip was organized by the Getaway Sailing Adventure. The crew of eleven assembled in Airlie Beach on Saturday and due to some technical problems started the trip on Monday evening. The trip was fun, the most impressive was of course the yacht! Everything on this boat is made of Kevlar; the hull, sails, 'furniture'... she has 3 t of water ballast, 3.5 m deep keel, etc. Nineteen meters of an ultimate racing machine. Top speed achieved on this trip was 20 kn! Cutting like a razor blade through 2 m waves, and at the same time surfing!! Indeed an exorbitant experience. We arrived to Sydney the following Sunday, making approximately 1200 nm in les then 5 days, not too bad for relatively weak and mostly head winds.

More complete story by Irma Birchall can be found on pages of Avalon Sailing club, Newsletter, September 2002 Issue (to read only the report from this site follow this link) .

Few photos from that trip (click on thumbnails to enlarge):