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Fiu in Adriatic



Cruising from Sydney to New Zealand

Preparations in Sydney and sight-seeing tours - 15 to 23 Feb. 2005

The crew: Borut from Slovenia, Tom and Julian from New Zealand, Susan and Ivo.

Everyone arrived few days before departure and on time to take part in final preparations and provisioning. This was Borut's first visit to Sydney so he went sight-seeing and took many photos - what follows is only a small selection. In the mean time, Susan and Ivo did provisioning while Julian and Tom were recovering in the pub from a 'long-haul' trip from New Zealand to Sydney!

Popular Bondi beach

And another Sydney landmark, Harbour bridge

World Chalange yachts just arriving to Sydney for two weeks break

Botanical garden

Fruit bats in Botanical Garden

Julian posing for camera



Ivo again on the phone!

Another Challange yacht arriving to Sydney

Busy Sydney Harbour

Ivo and his sister Mirjana

We started sailing from Sydney to New Zealand on 23 Feb 2005 and arrived to Nelson on 3rd of March only seven and a half days latter! We had beautiful weather and good sailing - including two days of sailing with spinnaker which is quite an achievement for Tasman Sea which is notorious for bad weather and heavy seas! Our trace in the Tasman sea with our noon positions is on the picture below:

In total we made 1283 nm in 7 days and 18 hrs, giving an average of 1283/168= 6.9 kn or 165 nm/day. Not a bad average considering the fact that we had problem with the forestay and had to rely only to the inner forestay and baby stay and that we were sailing in Tasman sea which is notorious for heavy seas and head winds.

Fey pics from the crossing.

Still long way to go east!

During our second day on the ocean the forestay chain plate snapped!!

Room with the view

Navigating is easy with all these modern toys, radios, GPS, chartplotters and electronic charts

Tom doing dishes - but don't tell his wife!

Borut spalshed by the sea

Julian can sleep any time if there are enough pillows arround!

Unusual catch - greedy seagul

Borut writing log

This bread is mine!!

tunas, tunas! Julian wanted to fulfill our monthly fishing quata in one day

Lunch time! Tuna salad (again!!??)

Still going east!

Spinnaker time

Borut and Tom - luckily this trip will take only 7 days?!

Julian - not only a good sailior and fisherman but cook as well!

Are we there yet??

Beer time

And on the 7th day Land finally sighted. Good opportunity to open our last champagne!

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