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Fiu in Adriatic



Vanuatu, July 11 - 16th, 2005

Tanna in Vanuatu was a revelation to us: one of the few islands we've been to in the Pacific where the traditional lifestyle is adhered to. Family & community values, no plastic, no outboard engines, bartering rather than currency, villages spontaneously friendly and generous. We traded yeast, batteries & clothes for fruit and vegetables. Ivo spent a morning in school teaching physics.

Port Resolution, Tanna

Port Resolution

Being greeted by the villagers

Port Resolution village

Chief Ronie

Ivo with Chief Ronie and his sons

Being towed by a dugout canoe

Our new friends coming to say hello

Susan in Port Resolution

All the children turn up to see DVD of their island

Big battery for VHF radio at Yacht club

Port Resolution bay

Lenakel, main town of Tanna

Pick-up truck, only means of transport

village telephone

Tanna, volcanic island

Tanna, island of contrast

Lenakel market

Lenakel restaurant

Lenakel restaurant

Cargo ship being unloaded in Lenakel

Volcano trip, Tanna

Volcano, Tanna

Yachties on their way to the volcano

The volcano post. And it works.

Best time to see the volcano is at night

Sun setting behind the volcano

Ivo the photographer

Silhouettes against the sky

Ivo waiting for the volcano to erupt


& Spectacular

Beach village at Port Resolution offering all the yachties a feast.

Arrival at the Beach feast

Dugout canoe

Free ride in the canoe

Photo session

Looking at the photo

What a beautiful smile

Young boy

Children playing on the beach

Children are having fun

What is that?

One of the many children

Noble head

What a wonderful feast. Thank you.


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